1. why "stan"?

    long story. short version: south park reference. longer version: i needed to pick a username for a talker, but was struggling. someone asked "what's your favourite tv programme?" i replied, "south park!" and someone (irl) said "you're stan!". she was the sort of person who, well, when she said "you're stan!" you bloody well were stan

  2. <some-random-bbc-webpage> is broken! can you fix it?


  3. did you draw those cats?


  4. how old are you?


  5. eh?


  6. really?

    no, but i was when i drew most of those

  7. you should be ashamed

    that's not a question

  8. well, this should be a "frequently made comments" file, or something

    that's not a question either. go away now, you're boring me